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In this section you will find some examples of applications developed by the European Institutions, agencies and other bodies (identified by the EU flag) as well as third parties. Explore our apps gallery, and discover the potential of EU open data.

Eurostat Statistical Atlas
The Statistical Atlas is an interactive viewer for statistical and topographical maps. It contains all the maps from Eurostat's regional yearbook, sorted by publication themes...... more
Eurostat Regions and Cities Illustrated (RCI)
With "Regions and Cities Illustrated", you can easily visualise regional indicators and view data for regions you are most interested in. This interactive tool contains...... more
Shedding light on energy in the EU — A guided tour of energy statistics
Energy is essential for our day-to-day life. Turning on our computers or starting our cars are actions that we take for granted, yet they represent the final stage of a complex...... more
The European economy in your hand - The EU Economy app
The "EU Economy app" gives mobile access to the most important short-term macroeconomic indicators (Principal European Economic Indicators - PEEIs) for the euro area, the EU...... more
My country in a bubble
Want to compare your country with other European countries and to see in one glance the differences among them? Please have a look to our new infographic "My country in a...... more
Economic trends
The interactive data visualisation tool "Economic trends" provides every user, from basic to professional, a quick and easy overview of the development of 8 main economic...... more
Quality of life
"Quality of life" is a tool which provides you an insight into the different aspects of quality of life in your country and gives you the possibility to compare yourself with...... more
Young Europeans
"Young Europeans" is a tool which is primarily designed for young people aged 16-29. It provides the possibility to compare yourself with other young men and women in your...... more
The Eurostat Country Profiles
The Country Profiles cover a wide field of high interest country indicators which range from population and living conditions, labour, health and safety, education, economy and...... more