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In this section you will find some examples of applications developed by the European Institutions, agencies and other bodies (identified by the EU flag) as well as third parties. Explore our apps gallery, and discover the potential of EU open data.

Benchmarking Regional Structure
A key to build sound innovation strategies for smart specialisation at the regional level is to identify opportunities for learning policy lessons and transferring practices...... more
The Road Safety Atlas is the European Road Accident Map Viewer of the European Commission. The Road Safety Atlas provides accident statistics for each European country using...... more
This tool collects and visualises the innovation priorities of almost all states and regions in the European Union and in neighbouring countries. It shows market trends...... more
Surveys on quality of life in Europe
Eurofound’s data explorer makes the results from its Europe-wide surveys highly accessible. This multilingual, interactive tool allows you to explore data at the level of...... more
Pay bargaining and outcomes since 1999
The collective wage bargaining data explorer offers an easy-to-use interface to Eurofound’s wealth of quantitative and qualitative information on pay. It covers collectively...... more
European Union lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender survey data explorer
This data explorer provides access to survey results and allows the user to filter responses by different categories of respondent such as age, sexual orientation and country...... more
Projects of Common Interest Interactive Map
Modern energy infrastructure is crucial for an integrated energy market, security of supply and for enabling the EU to meet its broader climate and energy goals. This...... more
Danube Reference Data and Services Infrastructure (DRDSI)
The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is coordinating an initiative to provide scientific support to the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (...... more
Credit Institution Register
The present Register has been set up by the EBA solely on the basis of information provided by Member States. Therefore, unlike registers of credit institutions maintained at...... more
CubeViz is a facetted browser for statistical data that uses the RDF Data Cube vocabulary, the state of the art in representing statistical data in RDF and compatible with SDMX...... more


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