European Case Law Identifier (ECLI)


The European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) has been developed to facilitate the correct and unequivocal citation of judgments from European and national courts. A set of uniform metadata will help to improve search facilities for case law.

Main characteristics of ECLI ECLI is a uniform identifier that has the same recognizable format for all Member States and EU courts. It is composed of five, mandatory, elements: ‘ECLI’: to identify the identifier as being a European Case Law Identifier; the country code; the code of the court that rendered the judgment; the year the judgment was rendered; an ordinal number, up to 25 alphanumeric characters, in a format that is decided upon by each Member State. Dots are allowed, but not other punctuation marks.

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Geographical Coverage
Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Latvia, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia
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