Information on Member States Law


Each Member State of the European Union (EU) has its own law and legal system. Member State (MS) law can comprise both law at the national level (or national law, which is valid anywhere in a certain Member State) and laws which are only applicable in a certain area, region, or city.

Member States publish their law in their official language(s) and it is only legally binding in this/these language(s). For information purposes, certain acts of Member State law may also be available in one ore more languages other than its official language(s).The information contains:

  • Databases;

  • Sources of law;

  • Areas of law.

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Geographical Coverage
Bulgaria, Netherlands, Finland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Malta, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Romania, Ireland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania
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