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The European Union Open Data Portal (EU ODP) gives you access to open data published by EU institutions and bodies. All the data you can find via this catalogue are free to use and reuse for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Focus on

Public procurement notices - TED (OP)RASFF Rapid alert system for foodTraditional herbal medicinal productsFood composition data - vitamins and minerals (EFSA)

Interested in data visualisations?

The EU Open Data Portal has a new Visualisations Catalogue.

It aims to collect visualisation tools, trainings and re-usable visualisations for all levels of data visualisation expertise, from beginner to expert.

Have a look at it, and let us know what you think: the catalogue is still in beta version, and your feedback will help us to improve it.

Visualisation catalog



  Europe's public data
If you are looking for data from a specific European country, visit also the European Data Portal.