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Tool - SAP Lumira

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Description : SAP Lumira is known as a visual intelligence tool to create and visualize stories on dataset. It was earlier known as Visual Intelligence tool where you could visualize data and create stories to provide graphical details of the data. Data is entered in Lumira as data set and you can apply filters, hierarchies, calculated columns to build documents on Lumira. You can choose various charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, etc. to visualize the data effectively.
Type of tool:No programming skills required
Contact point:
Data type:Geospatial data, Numerical data
Other data type:
Visualisation type:Bars, Dots/ bubbles, Infographics, Lines, Maps, Shapes/ proportions
Map type:Cartogram/ area cartogram
Relation/dependency type:
Line type:Area chart, Connected dot plot, Connected scatter plot, Step chart
Dot/bubble type:Scatter plot
Bar type:Bar chart, Box-and-whisker plot, Bullet chart, Dot plot, Histogram, Pyramid: Back-to-back chart, Stacked bar chart, Waterfall chart
Grid type:Heat map
Infographic type:
Other data visualisation:
Shape/proportion type:Donut chart, Pie chart
Interaction type:Dynamic
Pricing:Paid service
Type of resource:
Link to the source code of the visualisation tool from where to download it ( to GitHub).:
Type of resource distribution:Other
Other resource distribution:Linux, Windows
Input formats:Data files, Databases, Cloud-based source
Output formats:
How is the data accessed:File (or file system), Relational database
Please specify how:
Other features:Mathematical/statistical processing
Please specify feature:
Extending components:
Troubleshooting support:Yes
Is used by EU institution:No
European institution which use the tool:
Developed by EU institution:No
Please specify EU Institution:
Level of experience required: