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Tool - Basic Map (BMAP)

Properties Values
Description : Basic map (BMAP) is a "light" version of the Commission Map service. It allows configuring a simple, static map without the need to define business logic in a Javascript file. The setup is ensure across a simple JSON object.
Type of tool:Web application
Publisher:EU Institutions/Open source
Contact point:
Data type:Geospatial data
Other data type:
Visualisation type:Maps
Map type:
Relation/dependency type:
Line type:
Dot/bubble type:
Bar type:
Grid type:
Infographic type:
Other data visualisation:
Shape/proportion type:
Interaction type:Dynamic
Type of resource:
Link to the source code of the visualisation tool from where to download it ( to GitHub).:
Type of resource distribution:Other
Other resource distribution:Cloud Platform
Input formats:JSON
Output formats:Interactive Maps
License:EC Internal
How is the data accessed:Other
Please specify how:As JSON
Other features:Data transformation
Please specify feature:
Extending components:
Troubleshooting support:No
Is used by EU institution:No
European institution which use the tool:
Developed by EU institution:Yes
Please specify EU Institution:
Level of experience required: