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0Have you ever wondered...which of Europe’s countries has the greenest energy supply?Or which of its economies are growing fastest?Or which organisations are lobbying the EU?Or how EU public funds are being spent?The EU gathers and generates data about these and about many other things.This data is like a digital echo of the world around uswhich we can useto improve our understanding of important issuesand to make better decisions.The Open Data Portalgathers a huge range of data from different EU organisationsand makes it available in one central place for anyone to use,whether you’re a journalist looking to check some figures,or a policy researcher writing a report,or a developer creating a useful website.The portal is still under developmentand we’ll be adding more dataand new features in the coming months.If there’s any data you think should be thereor if you’ve got ideas for new ways to use EU data,we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.