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  • Netherlands - WOLK
    Околна среда

    The Flooding Risk Map (Wateroverlastlandschapskaart: WOLK) provides an overview of drainage systems and areas at risk of flooding in the case of heavy precipitation. This can cause traffic jams and blockages, as well as water damage to buildings. WOLK helps prevent this by visualising the data on a map, where solutions are needed for the municipality of Assen.

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    Публичен и частен сектор

    OpenRaadsinformatie is an online application that provides users with access to public meeting, items on the agenda, motions and documents on various Dutch municipalities and administrations of provinces. Created by the coalition of Dutch municipalities and the Open State Foundation, OpenRaadsinformatie acts as a central point of access to government data and documents, and is utilised by several other applications.

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    Региони и градове

    OmgevingsAlert is a Dutch App that tracks all permits and real estate updates for several Dutch municipalities. This app is free and based on data shared by municipalities themselves.

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