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A service making open legal data available in Sweden

Lexbase - A Swedish web service that makes legal information available for users

Lexbase is a Swedish web service that provides users with legal information about individuals and companies. More specifically, the service makes open legal data available from all Swedish courts and various other authorities.

When using Lexbase, users can either search for a person, an address or a company through the search function. The search function will then display results in a list, including reports on the proceedings. The report will contain detailed information about the case, such as the parties involved, the events and the court's examination of liability and verdict. The judge's final judgement can also be obtained in its entirety in a pdf format.

Lexbase is one of the over 550 use cases published on the European Data Portal (EDP). If you are aware of another inspiring use case, share your experience and knowledge about different applications and websites using open data with the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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