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  • Odvětví:
    Zemědělství, rybolov, lesnictví a výživa

    Digital Dryads’ application aims to protect forests from illegal deforestation by combining aerial and multi spectral satellite imagery. The map on the application shows pixels that are forest in green. Everything that is not forest is black. Moreover, the application enables you to see parts of the forest that are allowed to be cut (yellow) and parts that have been recently cut (red). It also shows whether the forest is protected (quasi virgin, virgin or UNESCO), making it easy to spot whether the forest was legally cut or not.

  • Odvětví:
    Populace a společnost

    Fake News Shield is an application that detects fake news for the population by scanning several sources for their credibility using machine learning. As a stand alone app, it can be installed on the users’ phone and it will show browsing history and detailed information about websites. As a browser add on, the Shield will run a scan on the search results and if the website poses a risk it will be notified.

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    The Open Energy project is a platform where 24 public institutions publish their electricity consumption (in kWh) on a monthly basis to make these data more transparent and enable users to monitor patterns. This facilitates the exchange of best practices, encourages energy efficiency investments, and supports responsible electricity consumption across society.

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