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OnDijon: a French application to improve public facilities

OnDijon uses data shared by users to optimise and facilitate the management of public space

OnDijon is a French application that modernises public services within the City of Dijon, such as waste removal, street cleaning, urban traffic regulation and public safety, by enabling citizens to report problems. The application covers the 23 municipalities of Dijon and enables users to improve the public services from their smartphone by reporting issues.

Every reported problem in the application is tracked from a single centralised system that is managed by Dijon Métropole. Once the problem is registered in the system, users are alerted of the reported problem in their area so they can plan to use alternative public services. For example, if a street is being cleaned or if a road is being blocked due to construction, users will be alerted and can plan to travel to their destination via a different route. By bringing together the most important functions relating to the management of urban space, the command centre can manage, coordinate and maintain all equipment in every municipality.

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