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A European strategy for data

Strategy for shaping Europe’s digital future as part of the 2020 Work Programme

On 19 February, the European Commission adopted the European strategy for data as announced in the 2020 Commission Work Programme which was published end of January.

It is stated that the Europe Union has the ambition to “become a leading role model for a society empowered by data to make better decisions – in business and the public sector”.

To reach this ambition, the European strategy for data is based on four pillars:

  1. A cross-sectoral governance framework for data access and use;
  2. Enablers: Investments in data and strengthening Europe’s capabilities and infrastructures for hosting, processing and using data, interoperability;
  3. Competences: Empowering individuals, investing in skills and in SMEs;
  4. Common European data spaces in strategic sectors and domains of public interest

For each of the pillars, specific key actions that will be taken are outlined in the full strategy document.

To shape Europe’s digital future, take part in the Public Consultation until 31 May 2020.

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