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    Comparative results, Information analysis, Statistics

    This app, available in Greek only for now, extracts and processes data from the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and from the Greek portal “DIAVGEIA” (
    An internet connection for processing the data is needed.
    (If no connection, users can insert the requested data which will be processed as soon as an internet connection is available.)
    What does the app do?
    • verifies the validity of a TIN (Tax Identification Number)
    • finds the name associated with a TIN (if registered in VIES or “DIAVGEIA”)
    • finds the TIN for names (or parts of names)
    • finds the address (as registered in VIES) of companies (corporate TINs only)
    • shows where the company is located on Google Maps
    • counts the total payments (sum) for the selected TIN(s)
    • counts the number of payment orders for each TIN
    • saves the results to a file (Excel) on your device
    • emails the results.
    The app is free and does not contain ads.
    The app is aimed mainly at those who:
    • want to verify the validity of a TIN
    • are looking for the TIN(s) of a company
    • are looking for the headquarters (address/location on map) of companies (corporate TIN)
    • monitor a set of TIN payments.