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CEF Context Broker: Saint-Quentin

Discover how the French city Saint-Quentin is addressing concerns about the use of water in the city's green spaces

The medium-sized French city of Saint-Quentin is using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, open data, and expertise from local SMEs to improve its public services. By using these technologies, the city aims at achieving their goals in sustainable social development and addressing their citizens' concerns regarding environment and water conservation.

To achieve this goal, Saint-Quentin is using a platform provided by Faubourg Numérique, a local SME, called the IoT Booster. The platform enables Saint-Quentin to easily connect to and manage IoT devices installed and used on the field - such as water sprinklers, lawnmowers, soil sensors and valve controllers. The European Commission's Context Broker is also supporting this initiative by helping to integrate all devices and their data with its data consolidation and analysis capabilities. In addition, they are assisting Saint-Quentin by optimising the daily operations of public services in the city, reducing water consumption and minimising manual intervention by staff.

The learnings and technical deliverables from this initiative will be shared globally for the benefit of other medium-sized cities. For more information about Saint-Quentin addressing stakeholders' concerns about the use of water in the city's green spaces, read the article on CEF Digital.

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