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Data in the public space

A collection of essays offers insights and proposed policy measures for the use of data in public spaces

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has launched a project ?ppropriate use of data in public spaces? As a result of the project, a collection of essays on the challenges and opportunities related to the use of data in public space was presented at the Data and Ethics Summit during the Den Bosch Data Week. They offer governments insights and possible approaches for policy measures regarding the use of data in public spaces. The collection contains essays on the following six themes:

  1. Re-use of data in smart cities
  2. The digital transformation, behavioural influencing, and the government
  3. Public governance of experimental data and algorithms
  4. The need for a digital environmental strategy
  5. AI in the digital society
  6. Data makes the world go round

The summary as well as the complete collection is available in both English and Dutch.

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