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Enabling Smart Rural: The Open Data Gap

Discover the European Data Portal's research into 'rural' open data

Last year on 26 November 2019, the European Data Portal (EDP) published their analytical report Enabling Smart Rural: The Open Data Gap. The report focuses specifically on leveraging insights from existing research and use cases to understand and define rural open data and the quality, quantity, use and barriers of rural open data. Here, two types of rural open data are discussed:

  1. Rural populations - data about people living in rural areas
  2. Rural economy - data about traditionally rural industries

The report examines the collection, availability and use of open data in rural areas through the lens of a smart city. In addition, it asks what the prioritisation of the development of services and products for urban populations and industries means for the rural populations and rural industries, as well as their specific requirements. Based on the research, the report suggests that a smart city approach should not be simply transposed onto the rural environment and that there is value in a smart region approach that recognises the relationship between cities and their surrounding countryside.

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