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Happy New Year!

All the best for 2020!

The European Data Portal (EDP) team wishes you the very best for 2020!

We are looking forward to continuing collaborating with you and discussing open data related topics and trends. In early 2020, the EDP will share with you further reports, events, highlights, news, and webinars around open data.

For example, the EDP will:

  • Publish a new analytical report on High-Value Datasets in January 2020.
  • Publish a report on the economic impact of open data across Europe in February 2020.
  • Publish a report on the sustainability of the (open) data portal Infrastructure in February 2020.
  • Publish an analytical report on the Three Top Performers in the Open Data Maturity Report 2019.
  • Host a webinar on Three Top Performers in the Open Data Maturity Report 2019 - Ireland, Spain, and France.
  • In addition, there are several open data events throughout Europe on the EDP Calendar!

Aware of any upcoming events or news pieces that you think we should cover this year? Share your thoughts and experiences with us via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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