Help Sponsh in tackling water shortage |
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Help Sponsh in tackling water shortage

Sponsh is looking for climate data scientists to help design a world-map showing where Sponsh can operate

Are you a climate data scientist? Do you have knowledge on weather-related data, maps, and organisations? Are you interested in nature and water and in tackling water shortage? Help Sponsh in designing a world map that shows where Sponsh initiatives would work and would not work.

Sponsh is a Dutch startup company that is passionate about nature and water. Their vision is to solve one of the global challenges: water scarcity. Water is a necessity for life on Earth; however, shortages in the water supply are becoming a larger problem every year. For example, according to the World Health Organisation, water shortages already affect 2.1 billion people around the world. In addition, the United Nations expects that half of the world's population will experience water shortage by 2050 if the issue is not addressed.
Join Sponsh in designing a world map that will show where Sponsh's initiatives to address water shortage can work around the world!

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