ISWC 2019 - 18th International Semantic Web Conference |
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ISWC 2019 - 18th International Semantic Web Conference

Find out how European Data Portal manages Linked Data

On Saturday 26 October 2019, the ISWC 2019 - 18th International Semantic Web Conference began in Auckland, New Zealand. The conference acts as an international forum for the Semantic Web and Linked Data Community and focuses on topics such as knowledge graphs, linked data, linked schemas and Artificial Intelligence on the Web.

Tomorrow, 29 October, Fraunhofer Fokus - one of the European Data Portal's consortium members - will be speaking at the event about their paper "The European Data Portal (EDP): Scalable Harvesting and Management of Linked Open Data". The report discusses how the EDP:

  • fosters the adoption and distribution of Linked Open Data by offering more than 130 million RDF triples;
  • applies the metadata application DCAT-AP, the RDF vocabulary for public sector datasets in Europe; and
  • uses a triplestore as a main database and applies state-of-the-art development and deployment patterns to ensure performance and scalability.

Looking for more open data related news? Visit the European Data Portal news archive and follow the EDP via mail, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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