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Open Data Maturity Report 2019

For the fifth time, the EDP's Open Data Maturity report discusses the level of open data maturity across Europe

The Open Data Maturity (ODM) in Europe Report 2019 was published last Monday 2 December 2019. This report is the fifth annual report measuring the level of open data maturity across Europe. The ODM 2019 records the progress achieved by European countries (which can be seen on the ODM dashboard) as they push forward open data publication and re-use and the different priorities they have set to support it. The countries covered by this assessment include the EU28 Member States, as well as the EFTA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The report was requested by the European Commission within the context of the European Data Portal (EDP) and was coordinated by Capgemini Invent.

The 2019 report identified four notable trends:

  1. From acceleration to consolidation. This year, the acceleration towards maturity evolved into a steadier trend of improvement and consolidation. Against solid open data policies, governance models, and advanced portals, the EU28+ countries are now expanding and intensifying their efforts in the more difficult areas of open data quality and impact.
  2. From quantity to quality. There is an intensified focus on ensuring the value of the data for re-users, often meaning improving the quality of the data before making it available.
  3. From publishing to creating impact. The EU28+ countries are no longer focused on simply publishing data and adhering to other basic requirements of the Public Sector Information Directive, but also on extracting benefits out of the data to enable greater impact.
  4. Data sharing is the next frontier. Governments are becoming more aware of the opportunities arising from sharing data in general, which is commonly called "data sharing" in the public and private sector. To find out about data sharing, explore the European Commission's new project the "Support Centre for Data Sharing".

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