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Open data in the United States

The US government is moving towards a more open data shared policy

On 30 October 2019, the Data Coalition organised the data policy summit GovDATAx that took place in Washington DC. The event focused on the different ways data is used across the world, with a focus on the United States (US), and different supporting government initiatives. Examples of the initiatives discussed at the event are data for analysis, transparency, accountability, enforcement, and civic engagement.

One item that was explored at the event is that though the concept open always implies access, it does not always automatically imply transmission, reproduction, or the re-use of material. The US government has moved towards a more open data sharing policy; however, the practice still shows limitations for the re-use of this data by people outside the government. For example, third parties such as university researchers, think tanks, libraries, archives, or museums are only allowed to read and download data. Currently, they cannot reproduce, distribute, or modify the content for their purposes due to restrictions such as copyright regulations.

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