Release of a new study into high-value datasets |
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Release of a new study into high-value datasets

Discover the European Data Portal's analytical report on high-value datasets from the perspective of data providers

Today the European Data Portal's (EDP) released a new study titled: "High-value datasets: Understanding the perspective of data provider". The study reviews relevant literature, policy decisions, and national initiatives to allow for a deeper understanding of the current status around value assessment of datasets. The findings from interviews with selected open data providers from different Member States provide insights into different perceptions and expectations around high-value datasets (HVDs). Findings from the study raise several vital aspects, challenges, and questions. For example:

  • The value of datasets depends on the perspective, the specification, and scope of impact. The impact created by open data should benefit SMEs and enable cross-border applications.
  • Roles and responsibilities in the process of specifying, implementing, and maintaining HVDs are often unclear and not supported by a mandate or designated resources.

The report concludes with six key recommendations. For example:

  • Set clear expectations around roles, responsibilities, and resources relevant for data providers.
  • Standardise HVDs assessment and specifications across borders.
  • Work in iterative rounds to allow incremental progress and different stakeholders to reach alignment and mutual consent.

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