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  • Develop an innovative solution making use of EU Space data

    Are you an innovator or entrepreneur, eager to develop innovative solutions making use of space data? Then you can take part in the myEU Space Competition

    The competition aims to bring forward innovative solutions for mobile apps, wearables, tracking solutions, robotics, or others, by making use of EU Space data from more

  • The GovLab project identifies some of the toughest global challenges to be solved with data

    How can we unlock the potential of data and data science to provide answers to the most pressing questions of our time? 

    The global challenges we face today grow increasingly complex. To support problem-solving approaches and policymaking, innovative solutions, and ideas for developing these solutions are urgently needed.

    The 100 Questions Initiative aims to define the high-impact challenges of our time, leverage relevant datasets to… more

  • Competing in EU Datathon 2021, their app will bring EU decision-making closer to you

    'The teams behind the apps' is a series of videos made by the EU Datathon finalists. Discover the people and their proposals for apps over nine episodes, once a week, in a run-up to the final event. At the competition finals in November the teams will pitch their apps to the jury who will select the winners.

    In the first episode, meet the team behind TrackMyEU,… more

  • With the onion-like model of the Open Data Policy Lab

    We know that open data supports data-driven decision-making and has the power to create true societal value. Yet data-driven decision-making is not straightforward. It is both complex and multifaceted. Behind the datasets, there is a myriad of platforms, analysts, and processes that govern the data processing that ultimately leads to insights. When looking at the data lifecycle as a whole, however, it can be hard to disentangle the processes and make sense of them.  

    To help you get… more

  • The 2021 edition takes place from 15 to 16 September

    This week the Canadian Open Data Summit takes place online from 15 to 16 September!

    This two-day event is co-organised by the City of Montreal and the Secretariat of the Quebec Treasury Board and already celebrates its 6th birthday. The 2021 edition of the summit… more

  • The EBCW 2021 contributes to the European Green Deal

    Join the hybrid edition of the European Blockchain Week (EBCW) 2021 on 20-24 September in Ljubljana, Slovenia! The event is organised in the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 

    The event follows the new more

  • A new dataset provided by the Joint Research Centre (JRC)

    Explore the recently published dataset to get insights into cases where Artificial Intelligence (AI) was used within European public sector bodies. The dataset is published by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in the context of the… more

  • A Google AI initiative to guide humanitarian efforts

    To support applications for social good, Google AI published the Open Buildings dataset. This extensive open dataset includes building footprints, which are detections of buildings on an area of land. These detections are created with high-resolution satellite images and machine learning tools. Currently, the dataset includes 516 million building detections, across an area of 19.4 million km2 on the continent of Africa (64% of the continent). 

    Knowing… more

  • Challenge 3: A Europe fit for the Digital Age

    EU Datathon is an annual competition organised by the Publications Office of the EU. It invites people from all around the world to build applications based on EU open data. This year, nine teams have been shortlisted to compete in the finals. You have already been introduced to the teams for Challenge 1: ‘A European Green Deal’ and… more

  • Showcasing European water info applications

    This summer, severe floods have affected several European countries

    In early July, several countries in Europe have witnessed severe floods, causing serious damage. Multiple river basins in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, for which is common practice to store water and control the risk of floods, overflowed.  Water poured out onto roads, villages, and cities.… more