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  • Save the date and join our Data Talks webinar with Julia Reinhardt

    Tomorrow, on Wednesday 31 March 2021 at 16:00 CET, the Support Centre for Data Sharing (SCDS) and European Data Portal (EDP) team will be joined by Julia Reinhardt, an expert in technology governance and public policy consultation, to discuss EU regulatory activity from a non-EU perspective.

    Julia advises companies… more

  • PGHD can help us understand how to better treat diseases

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person visits have been limited, which has complicated the communication between patients and healthcare providers. To overcome these challenges, medical staff use various channels to stay in touch with the patients, report patient outcomes, and share information at the same time. The use of technology in combination with a shift towards patient-centricity in healthcare has resulted in an opportunity to… more

  • The Advanced Technology for Industry (ATI) project presents innovative developments

    Over the last year, nearly all sectors have shifted to virtual ways of working. For those sectors whose activity is deeply rooted in the physical world, such as in the construction and built environment sector, this sparked the need to monitor even better what is happening on working sites and prevent efficiency loss whilst still delivering successful projects. New technologies are emerging that make this possible.

    For instance, cameras with 360° angles can be installed in building… more

  • EDP researchers forecast significant potential for open data market growth in Estonia

    On the basis of the Economic Impact of Open Data study published last year, the authors and EDP researchers Esther Huyer and Laura van Knippenberg forecast that the potential open data market size for Estonia could reach a total of €445 million by 2025. This is an optimistic scenario based on the rapid progress Estonia has demonstrated in supplying and re-using open data, further confirmed by how the… more

  • Tourism 4.0
    Innovation and co-creation re-shape the view on tourism

    The tourism sector has been hugely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a means to support the industry and create new initiatives, stakeholders have been actively looking into open data, automation and innovative technologies such as virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

    Tourism 4.0 is one of those initiatives designed to inspire a new version of tourism by shifting from a tourist-centred perspective… more

  • Multiple events around the world celebrate the 11th Open Data Day

    Open Data Day 2021

    On 6 March 2021, the international data community celebrated the 11th anniversary of Open Data Day. Open Data Day is an annual international event where data enthusiasts gather to connect and build new solutions to complex social issues by using open data. The event aims to show the benefits of open data such as increased efficiency, transparency, a spur in innovation, and economic growth. Moreover, the event… more

  • The annual event in the EUH4D framework that creates awareness around European Big Data

    On Tuesday 30 March, the European federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs host the EUH4D Data Forum. This annual event brings together experts in the field of European Big Data, and offers a platform for raising awareness around data, sharing best practices, and receiving input on strategy and policy from the European Commission.

    Strengthening… more

  • The Agency for Digital Italy brings new features to the Italian Open Data Portal

    The organisation that manages the Italian Open Data Portalthe Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), recently released an update to the portal that greatly improves user experience and encourages the sharing of data between public administrations.

    The update enables users to search based on keywords, making the search service much more effective. Several additional edits have… more

  • University of Latvia uses pandemic data to assess one of open data portal’s key success factors

    One of the key success factors, and primary principles of an open data portal, is that the data is timely. If a portal does not provide timely data, users are less likely to trust the data, or to look for other datasets on the portal.  

    A recent publication by the Faculty of Computing of the University of Latvia has assessed how timely data on open government data (OGD) portals is. Assessing… more

  • EDP and ODP become one – the single access point for open data from Europe and its Member States.

    Soon, the European Data Portal will join forces with the European Open Data Portal (ODP) to become the single access point for open data from Europe and its Member States.

    Under the name, the project will continue on its mission to support European countries in increasing their open data maturity, publishing open data, and promoting awareness of open data’s potential for re-use.

    To better… more