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  • The association Asedie is celebrating 20 years of boosting the Spanish infomediary sector!

    This year, the Asociación Multisectorial de la Información (Asedie) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Asedie is an association of companies that are dedicated to the use, re-use and distribution of data. The association aims to create goods and services that contribute to and boost the Spanish and European economy.

    Since 1999, Asedie has represented the needs of the Infomediary Sector and has spearheaded the collaboration between… more

  • Discover open water data and its applications on the European Data Portal


    Water is a dynamic medium that continuously changes from liquid, to solid, to gas and enables life on our earth. Water is one of the three basic needs for humans as it plays a critical role in delivering nutrients and oxygen, regulating the body temperature, and helping in fighting illness and supporting brain function.

    Due to the importance of water, data that measures its… more

  • Open data can transform the agriculture sector


    The term agriculture, otherwise known as farming, refers to the process of producing food, feed, fibre, and other desired products that can be gained by cultivating certain plants and raising domesticated animals (livestock) and is the benchmark of the agriculture sector.

    The agriculture sector is one of the most important sectors in an economy due to its impact and… more

  • Discover food-related datasets and use cases from different European countries

    Open food data

    The European Data Portal (EDP) offers over 79,000 datasets related to food. For example:

  • Discover open regions and cities data and its applications on the European Data Portal

    Open regions and cities data

    The European Data Portal (EDP) is an initiative by the European Commission that aims to increase the impact of open data by making data easy to find and re-use for everyone. The portal harvests metadata from EU Member States and enables users to discover the data they need by making its metadata searchable in all the EU supported languages. In addition to making the data searchable, the EDP… more

  • Discover updates to the EDP website

    New website

    The European Data Portal (EDP) beta version was launched on November 2015. Since then, a new version of the website has been released several times a year with the latest being on 2 May 2019, when the EDP launched version 2.3 of the website.

    Previous enhancements and extensions of the EDP website included:

    • the development of an API for editorial content (e.g. the EDP… more
  • Discover open education data and its applications on the European Data Portal

    Open education data

    Open education data can refer to open data produced by institutions focusing on education, such as schools and universities. Examples of these datasets are:

    • Administrative data, including reference data such as the location of an academic institution and attendance information;
    • Internal data, including staff names, available… more
  • Discover the winners of the EU Datathon 2019!

    On 13 June 2019, the EU Datathon 2019 was held in Brussels, Belgium. The annual event aims to stimulate the use and re-use of open data and supports participants in showcasing their data skills and innovative ideas. This year was the third edition of the EU Datathon competition and it was hosted by the Publications Office of the… more

  • Find out how the European Data Portal measures open data maturity

    Open data maturity

    Open data has been identified as a fundamental resource for governments, businesses and civil society. In 2015, we launched the European Data Portal to improve access to open data from European countries and to foster high-quality public data publication at national, regional, and local level. Within this scope, we have been conducting our annual landscaping exercise to assess European countries'… more

  • Overview of the European Data Portal's B2G Data Sharing webinar

    Business-to-Government (B2G) Data Sharing

    On 23 May the European Data Portal (EDP) hosted the webinar "Business-to-Government (B2G) Data Sharing" to discuss B2G data sharing initiatives in Europe and beyond. This webinar complements the EDP's analytical report on B2G Data Sharing published earlier this… more