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  • The public sector on the journey from making data available to re-using it. Abstract of EDP's analytical report no 11 on re-use of PSI in the public sector

    The European Data Portal (EDP) initiative does research on current topics related to open data and publishes the findings, for example, in form of analytical reports. The analytical report no 11 focuses on the challenges of PSI re-use in the public sector and gives recommendations on how to support and realise successful PSI re-use in the public sector. We thank the research… more

  • Re-using open Christmas data for Christmas markets

    The festive Christmas season is upon us!

    With the end of 2018 quickly approaching, the Christmas spirit is spreading and activities for the holiday are underway across Europe. Many European cities come alive with lights and music during the Christmas season to celebrate the holidays. It is the season to spend time with family and friends, enjoy warm food and drinks, buy and exchange gifts and enjoy Christmas-themed stalls and live Christmas music at colourful Christmas markets.… more

  • Open Data is crucial to realise Smart Cities initiatives in Europe

    Open Data in Smart Cities

    On 8 November the European Data Portal (EDP) hosted the Webinar "Open Data in Smart Cities" to discuss initiatives across Europe. Open Data is crucial to realising Smart Cities. Open Data allows people to harness the data's full potential and create solution that address… more

  • The European Data Portal was launched three years ago to improve accessibility to Open Data across Europe

    Introducing the European Data Portal

    Join us in celebrating three years of open data on the European Data Portal (EDP). Thank you to all open data enthusiast, publishers and re-users for creating impact with open data! Thanks also to our readers and subscribers for following our news, events, articles and reports and for sharing your valuable experiences, insights and opinions with us.

    The EDP is an initiative launched by the… more

  • Use cases exemplify the value of reusing open environment data

    Insights into one of the high value data domains

    Not all Open Data has the same potential for reuse. The European Data Portal provides thirteen data categories of which certain data categories are more frequently reused than others. On a European level, the European Commission has identified five thematic data domains that are expected to represent those with the highest demand from reusers across the EU: geospatial data, earth observation data and environment,… more

  • How Open Data can sustainably improve the cooperation in tourism sector

    Rising demand for new services

    Every year millions of people flock to holiday areas to relax at the beach, explore nature or go sightseeing. The tourism industry has been experiencing a sustained boom for years and is continuously generating increased revenues in the holiday regions. Since digitisation does not stop at tourism, innovative solutions come into focus… more

  • INSPIRE, Open Data, Copernicus ... Let's Get Together!

    Between September 18 and September 20th, the INSPIRE 2018 conference took place in Antwerp Belgium. The motto of this year's edition was "INSPIRE users: Make it work together!"

    Following this motto, the European Data Portal facilitated a thinkathon on Wednesday September 19th. The thinkathon - an interactive workshop format - created a new 'space' for the conference participants to 'make it work together'. The idea of a thinkathon is inspired by the hackathon… more

  • Re-using open agriculture data supports food quality, organic farming and reduces food waste

    Insights into a high-prioritised area

    Not all Open Data has the same potential for re-use. The European Data Portal provides thirteen data categories of which one is agriculture. The ever-increasing climate change has an enormous impact on flora and fauna. This results in constantly increasing heat waves during heavy rainfall at the same time. These extreme weather conditions are very difficult for the agricultural industry to handle. To pay more attention to this… more

  • How Open Data and Artificial Intelligence help to manage water resources better in smart cities

    Open Data and Artificial Intelligence - a good interaction

    Water is one of three basic needs for humans. Our earth is mostly covered with water, while only two percent is fresh water. However, this topic does not only concern cities, but intelligent water management is one of the most vital challenges for smart cities in the future. With Open Data, it is possible to compare the water resources of countries as well as cities and derive measures from that. Regarding… more

  • How Open Data and Artificial Intelligence improve the air quality in Smart Cities

    Clean air is crucial for us, however, the significance of it will rise in the future

    Air is essential for our daily survival - it is more important than food or water for us. As urbanisation processes, more and more people and industries are moving into the cities, which has an impact on urban air quality. Forecasts predict that the world population… more