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  • Measures and solutions for noise pollution

    Police sirens, cars accelerating. A major source of the noise you hear comes from traffic passing by. But how loud are these sounds exactly? And how is noise pollution different in various parts of the city or region? European Open Data Portal datasets tell you the answers on these questions for several countries. This article highlights four country examples.

    The city of Dublin (Ireland) has measured the noise pollution during day and nighttime on the roads and published this… more

  • Learnings from 365 days of Open Data

    In the last 12 months Open Data achieved more and more attention and European countries were racing to the top in terms of Open Data maturity. Numerous Open Data portals are being developed across Europe and are increasingly backed up by national policies from governments prioritising Open Data in their political agenda. This stronger focus also opened a broader research perspective. Open Data is not only about making public data available and accessible. The recent annual Open Data Day… more

  • 5 principles to stimulate innovation

    The mechanisms of value of Open Data operate on multiple levels. Multiple Open Data benefits can be outlined, including transparency, increased government effectiveness and efficiency, increased participation and engagement and the release of social and commercial value through innovation. Regarding the latter, Open Data is increasingly connected to the creation of new products and services, as well as to helping businesses derive new insights and knowledge.

    Although Open Data… more

  • Open Data Portals are a critical part of our data infrastructure: they connect data holders with data users, who in turn create services that citizens and businesses benefit from and rely on. The EDP report measuring the Open Data maturity of portals across Europe 2017 shows the overall maturity of portals is increasing as they develop more advanced features. Yet most do not have coherent strategies… more

  • How Open Data can benefit educational purposes

    Often, when Open Data is discussed, the focus lies most of the time on business opportunities and the various benefits that Open (Government) Data holds for the economy and government, in particular with regards to fostering business innovation and efficiency gains. Further benefits however have also been quantified on other dimensions, such as the environmental and societal ones. Concerning the latter, the focus lies here on the added value that Open Data brings for democracy by enhancing… more

  • On Blockchain and Open Data

    Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies: many things have been said (positive as well as negative) about this emerging technology. A wild bunch of ideas has been brought forward and blockchains are said to have disruptive potential in a wide range of industries such as banking, logistics and public services. But how does this relate to Open Data? A quick internet search will reveal that little research has been done on this matter. It becomes relevant therefore to… more

  • The Open Data impact at macro and microeconomic levels - an overview of studies and assessments conducted across Europe

    Europe is making considerable progress in reaching Open Data maturity and is fast-forwarding its Open Data transformation. Recent studies show that higher economic benefits are expected from Open Data at both macroeconomic and microeconomic levels.

    Data holds a tremendous potential for societies and economies. When disclosed, data can stimulate economic growth, better decision-making, more transparency and efficiency of governments, as well as higher quality of life… more

  • #NRWHack - a success story at federal state level

    On the 4th and 5th November 2017, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), one of Germany's 16 federal states, held the 3rd annual hackathon in a row. The annual #NRWHack is a successful and one of a kind platform bringing together the Open Data community and representatives of the public administration in NRW, and aims at facilitating communication and cooperation as well as awareness for Open Data. What could the participants expect? Open data enthusiasts, an open dialogue with public administration… more

  • European countries are racing to the top with Open Data in 2017

    The latest EDP report on Open Data maturity reveals that governments across Europe have not only prioritised Open Data more strongly in 2017, but are actually engaging in a race to the top. Having measured the level of Open Data maturity across Europe for 3 consecutive years, it has become clear that EU countries have made considerable efforts to improve their publishing of Open Data.

    European countries have been assessed both in terms of Open Data Readiness, assessing the span of… more

  • Wind power!
    Open Data for levering energy targets

    With the World Climate Conference taking place in Bonn these day, the question of renewables comes once again to the fore. Renewable energy is a game changer, as it alters the dependency on fossil fuels and brings in more sustainability and innovation. The European Union Renewable Energy Directive sets forth a binding target of 20% final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. EU countries have… more