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  • Population & Society


The International Data & Economic Analysis (IDEA) is an online database providing access to country-level data across the globe. Created by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and initially set up to support the staff and associates of USAID find data from external sources, the IDEA database now provides access to over 10 000 data series and is categorised along the themes: people government, official development assistance, economy, education, and health.
  • Health

Open Data WatchPDF

Open Data Watch is an international, non-profit organization working at the intersection of open data and official statistics. Our work supports the implementation of change in the production and management of official statistical data.
  • Environment

The Climate CorporationPDF

The Climate Corporation offers operating and financial software and services that boost the profitability of farmer’s yields. The corporation functions as a digital farming platform that combines local weather monitoring with agronomic models and weather simulations.
  • Education, Culture & Sport


The LACMA application is designed for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and enables users to locate artworks, plan their trip and help visitors navigate around the museum’s campus.
  • Health

Path CheckPDF

PathCheck is a public health platform designed to offer a digital solution in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, specifically for governments, states, and countries. Its main aim is to contain the spread via technology services, such that communities can quickly and safely be re-opened. The platform makes it possible to receive exposure notifications, trace points of contact through smartphones across the globe, collect epidemiological information and facilitate communication between citizens.
  • Economy & Finance


Thinknum is a platform that combines and indexes data from government sources, companies’ websites and social media activity. Primarily, the platform targets investors who lack access to relevant data and insights at one central location. As an example, the platform allows users to view certain store locations and overlay it with stores of a competitor, and subsequently connecting these data to median household income for instance. This combination can then be used to gauge store profitability.
  • Education, Culture & Sport


TuvaLabs is a platform for people looking to improve their data analytical skills and their data literacy. TuvaLabs collaborates closely with teachers, schools, curriculum publishers and assessment organisations to enable teaching, learning and assessment of data literacy for students in primary and secondary education. Through the platform students can learn by doing and are given the opportunity to exchange knowledge with peers.
  • International Issues


The Open Data Program from DigitalGlobe releases open imagery for select sudden onset major crisis events.
  • Health

Global Health Security IndexPDF

The index is a comprehensive assessment of the preparation for epidemics and pandemics for 195 countries.
  • Transport


Bird is a transportation company that supplies e-steps, that can be rented and paid for by users with a mobile application.