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  • Government & Public Sector
Open Court is a website designed to provide information such as the average number of cases a given court handles, the time a case lasts, the court workload, the average budget, and the experience of judges working in court. The website covers 49 courts in Lithuania, including the district courts, the district administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court.
  • Environment
The Environmental Atlas (Atlas Okolja) is a map-interface of Slovenia that presents data of various indicators that measure the: Environment, such as water quality, or flooding risk areas; Climate, for instance temperatures, sunshine, and wind; and Land and oil usage, or seismological risk areas.
  • Environment
Vides SOS is an platform designed to alert the State Environmental Service of environmental hazards such as pollution, waste and litter in nature. Environmental infringements of the air (odours, dust, smoke, and radiation); the water (activities of edge fishing, presence of chemicals, dead animals, or oil); and the soil (waste, manure, and oil) can be reported. Depending on the case, the State Environmental Service cleans it up or users clean it up themselves and document it in the application.
  • Government & Public Sector
OpenRaadsinformatie is an online application that provides users with access to public meeting, items on the agenda, motions and documents on various Dutch municipalities and administrations of provinces. Created by the coalition of Dutch municipalities and the Open State Foundation, OpenRaadsinformatie acts as a central point of access to government data and documents, and is utilised by several other applications.
  • Environment
Meng Loft is the official air quality application of the Environment Agency in Luxembourg for mobile devices. The application makes it possible to check actual and historical trends, and monitor the main pollutants such as ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and particulate matter (PM10).
  • Health
The Transparency Portal aggregates health data from various entities across Portugal and makes these datasets available to the public. It aims to create transparency and increase efficiency in the national health service (NHS) and enable access to high-quality health data for institutions, citizens, and health professionals.
  • Population & Society
The International Data & Economic Analysis (IDEA) is an online database providing access to country-level data across the globe. Created by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and initially set up to support the staff and associates of USAID find data from external sources, the IDEA database now provides access to over 10 000 data series and is categorised along the themes: people government, official development assistance, economy, education, and health.
  • Government & Public Sector
Statsregnskapet is a website that visualises government spending and budgets on the basis of publicly available government statistics. In doing so, it aims to create transparency in government spending.

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