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    Piirkonnad ja linnad

    Bäderampel (Bathroom Traffic Light) provides an overview of public pools and the current occupancy. As of the summer of 2020 and measures taken in response to the pandemic, the number of available spots in public pools has been limited, Bäderampel therefore shows where spots are still available.

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    Elanikkond ja ühiskond

    Sag’s Wien (Say it Vienna) is an application developed for citizens to report on problems, including potholes, road damage, traffic lights malfunctions, waste or pollution, throughout the city directly to the city administration. This enables a dialogue between the public and the government and makes the city more mobile, personal and connected.

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    Majandus ja rahandus

    Offene Vergaben, a civil society project of the Austrian Freedom of Information Forum, makes public contracts of €50 000 or more traceable and opens up data about procurement procedures. The website’s goal is to make citizens more knowledgeable and aware of how public funds are used.

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