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  • Moldova - MTender
    Valitsus ja avalik sektor

    MTender is a website created by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova and provides electronic public procurement records to increase efficiency of spending, and contribute to transparency of the state’s budget. As a digital service, it shortens the time between procurement planning and payment, as well as the time for tenders, and waiting times for suppliers and contractors.

  • Moldova - AflaMD
    Haridus, kultuur ja sport
    Taotlus, Veebisait

    At AflaMD information and ratings on educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova are published. This includes data, such as ratings, statistics, budgets, locations, and contact information. Additionally, questions can be submitted online and answers are provided by the ministry.

  • Sektor:
    Valitsus ja avalik sektor

    Budget Stories improves government transparency

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