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The European Union Open Data Portal (EU ODP) provides access to an expanding range of data from the European Union (EU) institutions and other EU bodies. You can use and reuse these data for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

By providing easy access to data — free of charge — we aim to help you put them to innovative use and unlock their economic potential. The portal is also designed to make the EU institutions and other bodies more open and accountable.

The EU Open Data Portal in a nutshell

The EU Open Data Portal

The EU ODP was set up in 2012, following European Commission Decision 2011/833/EU on the reuse of Commission documents.

All EU institutions are invited to make their data publicly available whenever possible. This means data can be reused free of charge and without any copyright restrictions.

Open data: what are the benefits?

Enabling the general public to reuse data boosts:

  • economic development within the EU;
  • transparency within the EU institutions.

The data concerned include:

  • geographic, geopolitical and financial data
  • statistics
  • election results
  • legal acts
  • data on crime, health, the environment, transport and scientific research.

All these data are freely available. They can be reused in databases, reports or projects. A variety of digital formats are available from the EU institutions and other EU bodies.

Generally speaking you can reuse data free of charge, provided that you acknowledge the source (see legal notice). A small number of data are subject to specific conditions on reuse, most of which have to do with protecting third-party intellectual property rights. You will find a link to these conditions on the relevant data pages.

What is the portal for?

It provides:

The Open Data Portal team

A small international team at the Publications Office of the European Union in Luxembourg maintains the site. We work together with data providers to standardise data and make them more easily available. Our aim is to give these data as high a profile as possible.

We are constantly working to improve the portal. 

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