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Welcome to CubeViz - the facetted browser for statistical data in the Linked Data Web. CubeViz was set up and adopted to be part of the Data Portal of the European Union.

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Brief introduction to CubeViz

Since the amount of available statistical data in the web is increasing in the past years, user-friendly accessibility to such data is becoming equally important There are also numerous statistical datasets published within the DataPortal by the European Commission. In dependence of the data format of these datasets (i.e. XLS, CSV), the containing data can be browsed by users with the help of different tools such as Google spreadsheet, Libre Office or MS Office. One of the upcoming data formats is the Resource Description Format (RDF) which is designed to represent data not on a document/text level but on a the level of information and facts. Furthermore RDF enables publishers to encode not only data items but also underlaying semantics. In order to represent such semantics, domain-specific vocabularies can be re-used or - if not available - can be generated.
The RDF DataCube vocabulary is one of the vocabularies used to encode statistics. There is an increasing amount of tools dealing with RDF in order to facilitate users to browse datasets encoded in this way. One of these tools is OntoWiki that ficilitates users to browse RDF data in a generic way. CubeViz was developed based on OntoWiki with the scope of offering user-friendly exploration possibilities for statistical data represented in RDF with the RDF DataCube vocabulary.

HowTo and FAQ

CubeViz represents the statistical dataset to be visualized as a facetted based browsing component (located on the left side of the screen). This component enables the users to select interesting parts of the dataset. After selection the user can proceed while clicking on the button Update Selection / Update Chart. One can instantly start using CubeViz while clicking on the button Start CubeViz above. As a result CubeViz processes a chart according to user's selection. The current version of CubeViz processes basic chart types - such as line, bar and pie chart facilitating the exploration of up to two statistical dimensions in a data structure.

If you need further information of how to use CubeViz have a look on our HowTo or FAQ page.


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