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In this section you will find some examples of applications developed by the European Institutions, agencies and other bodies (identified by the EU flag) as well as third parties. Explore our apps gallery, and discover the potential of EU open data.

Energy modelling tool
The Energy modelling tool is an interactive graph tool, displaying data from the EU Reference Scenario. It projects the impact of current EU policies on energy, transport...... more
European Alternative Fuels Observatory
The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) provides statistics on alternative fuels and information to help encourage the development of alternative fuels in Europe. The...... more
Shedding light on energy in the EU — A guided tour of energy statistics
Energy is essential for our day-to-day life. Turning on our computers or starting our cars are actions that we take for granted, yet they represent the final stage of a complex...... more
EU Budget for Results - A selection of EU funded projects
The EU budget is made up of around 1% of the wealth generated by EU economies every year and goes to funding projects that Member States could not finance on their own. To help...... more
Projects of Common Interest Interactive Map
Modern energy infrastructure is crucial for an integrated energy market, security of supply and for enabling the EU to meet its broader climate and energy goals. This...... more