Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) (csv subset) – public procurement notices

TED - Contract award notices 2009-2015


TED - Contract award notices 2009-2015. It is a merged file for the analysis across teh years. TED data has multiple levels. Contract awards (CAs), which is the fifth section of a CAN standard form. Each CAN has one or more CAs. ID_award_ca is an ID of a CA. These levels serve different purposes. To give an example, a CAN generally informs on the result of the procurement (“The ministry has bought furniture”); and the three individual CAs, nested within the CAN, inform about the specific detail (“The ministry has bought a chair from company A”; “The ministry has bought a table from company B”; “The ministry has bought a cupboard from company B”). While spreadsheet programs (such as Excel) may be able to open a single year of data, they are not powerful enough to manage datasets with multiple years. We recommend using specialized statistical programs, some of which are also available for free (e.g. R and RStudio).





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