Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) (csv subset) – public procurement notices

x) TED - Contract notices and contract award notices 2009-2015 (*deprecated version of the data: for reference only)


The data has multiple levels which are represented on one line of data. For this reason, some of the information is repeated. There are three levels in procurement notice data: • contract award notices (CANs), which are filled in standard forms 3, 6 or 18. The column "ID_notice_can" is a unique identifier (ID) of a CAN. • contract awards (CAs), which is the fifth section of a CAN standard form. Each CAN has one or more CAs. ID_award_ca is an ID of a CA. • contract notices (CNs), which is a filled in standard forms 2, 5 or 17. ID_notice_cn is an ID of a CN. These levels serve different purposes. To give an example, a CN informs on a future purchase (“The ministry would like to buy furniture”); a CAN generally informs on the result of the procurement (“The ministry has bought furniture”); and the three individual CAs, nested within the CAN, inform about the specific detail (“The ministry has bought a chair from company A”; “The ministry has bought a table from company B”; “The ministry has bought a cupboard from company B”).





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