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Tool - Webtools Maps

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Description : Maps lets you embed interactive maps in your website. You can customize maps by displaying data in overlays. You can create your own overlays. Map is a modern JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is driven by Leaflet. Whereas this corporate version offers ready-to-use plugins such as KML, clusters, standard markers in different colors, country and region boundaries, a wide range of background maps and much more in the coming months, business-specific customization can be achieved by using the Leaflet API. This is a central service; you do not have to install the files on your website to use it. The required files to run this service are loaded by the Smart Loader. Features: - Quick "time-to-market". Render your data and configure interactive behaviour quickly and efficiently. - Mobile friendly UI - User interface labels available in 24 languages - Native provision of authoritative background maps and administrative interactive boundaries provided by Eurostat. - Support, advice and assistance by a dedicated team at DIGIT. Proof-of-concepts can be requested on-demand. -
Type of tool:Web application
Publisher:EU Institutions / Open Source
Contact point:
Data type:Geospatial data, Numerical data
Visualisation type:Maps
Interaction type:Dynamic
Pricing:Free of charge
Type of resource:Online
Input formats:GeoJSON, JSON, XML
Output formats:Interactive Maps
License:Open Source
How is the data accessed:File (or file system)
Troubleshooting support:No
Is used by EU institution:Yes
Developed by EU institution:Yes
Level of experience required: