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Only EU institutions, agencies and bodies can provide data for the EU Open Data Portal – a single point of access for EU data.

Adding data to the portal makes it easier for people to find and view the data.

The portal’s structure is decentralised, which means the data remain on the data provider’s website and the provider is responsible for their quality and availability.


EU data providers feed the portal with metadata (information about data) describing the datasets published on the website of their EU institution, agency or body.

They can provide the metadata manually via the data provider’s area or they can send data automatically in RDF format.

The metadata is stored on the portal. It is catalogued in a harmonised way and used to redirect users to the data provider’s website where they can access the data.

Metadata is stored on the portal in two databases:

  • a conventional human-readable database;
  • a machine-readable triplestore database to help interoperability and to make it easier to reuse the data.

We are also working on a solution to harvest (or extract) data from websites automatically.

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