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Outil - Statistics Illustrated

Propriétés Valeurs
Description : The "Statistics Illustrated" section allows understanding Eurostat's data by means of dynamic data visualisations. A combination of maps and charts shows the development of an indicator over time as well as differences between Member States. This helps e.g. to discover tendencies and patterns.
Type d’outil :Web application
Éditeur:Statistical Office of the European Union
Point de contact:Eurostat
Type de données:Numerical data
Type de visualisation:Bars, Other
Type «Barres»:Bar chart
Autre type de visualisation:Choropleth map, Distribution plot
Type d’interaction:Dynamic
Site web:
Coût:Free of charge
Licence:EC Internal
Assistance technique:Yes
Utilisé par une institution de l’UE:No
Developed by EU institution:Yes