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    The transformation to the bicycle city Berlin is presented on the FixMyBerlin platform in an understandable and comprehensible way on maps. FixMyBerlin coordinates with the districts and the Senate Administration and shows infrastructure developments by subdividing it in four categories concept, planning, under construction and finished. The Happy Bike Index shows where you can cycle safely and where it is still dangerous.

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    Giess den Kiez (Pour the Neighborhood) is a Berlin-centred platform that aims to tackle the issue of arid and hot summers causing trees to dry and suffer long-term damage by encouraging citizens to adopt a tree and water it. The project is a coordinated effort to irrigate urban areas and enable citizen participation. On a map overview, dots represent trees, and a color-coding scheme indicates their water requirements.

  • Germany - OParl
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    Oparl is a website interface that offers access to the parliamentary information systems in Germany and is useful for citizens, municipalities, developers and RIS manufacturers. The project aims to create a standard API that allows access to public data currently stored in municipal council information systems thereby promoting the openness of parliamentary systems and public data of the German council.

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