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    geoFluxus is an application that connects regional industrial waste producers with respective waste treatment facilities. It is a unique platform that maps, analyses and predicts where, how and which materials can be saved from becoming waste.

  • Belgium - IrCELine
    Internetska stranica

    IrCELine is an air quality checker for Belgium. The website provides actual figures as well as forecasts of the levels of nitrogen-dioxide, and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). In addition, a map overview classifies the current levels as very good, good, poor, or bad.

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    Regije i gradovi
    Platforma is the regional platform for publishing open data and sharing data and services in the Brussels region. This platform is designed for data producers and users and facilitates and promotes the re-use of data and services. Users of are free to browse the portal, search, and consult the various data and web services.

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