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  • Setor:
    Ciência e Tecnologia
    Sítio Web

    The Grafana project was started by Torkel Ödegaard in 2014 and has the last couple of years become one of the most popular open source projects on GitHub. They build open software, with permissive licenses. It allows you to query, visualise and alert on metrics and logs no matter where they are stored.

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    Kläder efter väder (Clothes after weather) is a mobile application that visualises what types of clothing are best to wear in the current weather. The application is designed for people with cognitive disabilities as they encounter difficulties is dressing appropriately for the forecast.

  • Sweden - Tink
    Economia e Finanças
    Sítio Web

    Tink was founded in 2012 and have turned into an European open banking platform to create value out of the financial data

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