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Data visualisation webinars

Watch the EU Publication Office's data visualization webinars

Interested in data visualisation? Watch the Publication Office of the European Union's webinars on data visualisation. The webinars are:

  • Guidelines for effective data visualisation - focusing on pitfalls of data visualisation design, how to choose a chart type for your visualisation, what the Data Visualisation Checklist contains and a demo on the Chartmaker Directory tool.
  • Telling your story through data visualisation - discover journalistic techniques for data storytelling, the available data story patterns, genres and structures, how to achieve storytelling through chart designs and a demo on Fastcharts, Datawrapper and Flourish tools.
  • Going beyond bars and lines: practising non-standard data visualisations - focusing on visualisation in data analysis, different data types and visualisations that fit to them, how to introduce lesser known chart types to readers and a demo on ggplot and RAWgraph tools.

These webinars are examples of topics that will be discussed in the EU DataViz 2019 on 12 November in Luxembourg.

For more open data events and webinars, visit the European Data Portal's calendar and follow the EDP on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to stay up to date.

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