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OECD Regional Well-Being

Discover a service that enables users to measure the well-being in their region against other regions

Discover the OECD Regional Well-Being, an interactive service that enables users to measure well-being in their region. Currently, there is increasing awareness amongst citizens to better understand well-being in society. Through the platform, users can compare their region's eleven aspects that are central to people's quality of life - including education, environment, civic engagement and governance, and safety - with 402 other OECD regions. The values of the eleven indicators are expressed as a score between 0 and 10 (lowest to highest), with a high score indicating better performance relative to the other regions. OECD Regional Well-Being covers countries across the world, including Australia, Canada, Chile, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Norway, and Sweden.

Interested in the eleven aspects of your region? Explore the OECD Regional Well-Being map to find out about your region and which regions are similar to yours.

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