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    The Transparency Portal aggregates health data from various entities across Portugal and makes these datasets available to the public. It aims to create transparency and increase efficiency in the national health service (NHS) and enable access to high-quality health data for institutions, citizens, and health professionals.

  • Portugal - Fogos
    Spravodlivosť, právny systém a verejná bezpečnosť

    Fogos maps fires in Portugal on a map. Users can see the intensity of a fire, a twitter feed about the fire, weather data of the affected area, a timeline of the fire outbreak, as well as dates about the scope of the deployment of the fire brigade (number of people and fire-fighting vehicles). Data is derived from the Portuguese Civil Protection.

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    Regióny a mestá

    Bitcliq created the platforms SmartCity Hub with the aim of providing useful information to support the mobility of tourists and citizens in Caldas da Rainha.

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