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Discover street art paintings across Brussels

The Comic Book route uses geodata and open cultural data of the street art paintings of comic books in Brussels

Comic Book route is a webpage on the website of the City of Brussels that provides visitors with an address list, a map, photos, and videos of street art paintings on comic books in Brussels. The purpose is to help visitors navigate Brussels and find comic book street art paintings. The website also includes an agenda to highlight new paintings. The City of Brussels pays special attention to the comic book. Since the early 90s, it pays tribute to characters and authors of the Franco-Belgian comics on the walls in the Pentagon (city centre) and Laeken.

The website portrays information on the name of the artwork, the artist, the publishers and the location. The artworks are between 7 and 77 years of age. Some comic book examples of the paintings are Tintin, Spike and Suzy, Lucky Luke, and Asterix and Obelix.

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