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Basque country launches first open data portal for agriculture

ZABAL provides 113 datasets on agricultural topics across France

Agriculture is one of the main sectors of economic activity in the Northern Basque Country of France. The Basque Country Agglomeration Community wants to preserve the agricultural quality of the region by preventing deterioration caused by erosion and demographic factors, such as ageing of farm managers. As a result, the Northern Basque municipal community launched the open data portal ZABAL in 2021, which provides open agricultural data from France and can be used to increase the transparency of public action, to encourage innovation, and to contribute to the digital economic development of the region. 

Currently, ZABAL provides 113 datasets on agricultural topics such as different types of land use, sectors of the Basque Country, demographic data about farm managers and employees, support and subsidy and installation and transmission. In total, 643 organic farms can be found in the Organic Area of Basque Country, which are categorised into eight crop categories. The total percentage of acres each crop category covers is indicated as well, along with the geographical location and number of organic producers, processors, distributions, and importers that are active in the Basque Country. In order to create value-added services, the platform uses data from sources such as the Ministry of Agriculture (Agreste), the Social Security Agency for the Agricultural Sector (MSA), the National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).

For more information, visit the ZABAL open data portal.

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