The City of Ghent launches new Open Data portal |
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The City of Ghent launches new Open Data portal

New open source platform

There are plenty of Open Data developments in the Belgian city of Ghent these days. This past weekend Apps for Ghent took place, the annual hackathon for the Open Data community in Ghent. For its seventh edition, Open Data enthusiasts were invited to develop innovative applications and creative ideas by using Open Data provided by the City of Ghent. Using the momentum of this event, the City of Ghent released its new Open Data portal just before Apps for Ghent.

The Open Data portal has a new design, and datasets have been added. The City of Ghent has an Open Data policy in place, and in line with this policy, the new Open Data portal makes use of an open source platform. Everyone can freely copy, use and manipulate the source code of the new Open Data portal.

Would you like to know where to park your car in Ghent? Or are you more interested in the financial benefits of installing solar panels on your roof? Find out by exploring the datasets available on the new Open Data portal of the city of Ghent!