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Discover the COVID19Italia Help datasets on the Open Data Portal Tuscany

The Open Data Portal in the region of Tuscany, Italy, has published datasets on COVID19Italia Help. This is a non-profit project that is supported by volunteers and aims to share information on the Coronavirus emergency and to give visibility to initiatives that address the pandemic. The project seeks to verify, aggregate and label various types of reports to connect different help requests and to offer goods and services. Moreover, they collect regulations, institutional directives and data, and initiatives to promote and implement telework and distance learning. Examples of information in COVID19Italia Help are:

  • Institutional resources;
  • Offers and requests for help;
  • Fundraisers;
  • Fake news
  • Donations of materials or tools;
  • Public and private solidarity services and initiatives;
  • Deliveries and commissions;
  • Games and entertainment for children and adults; and
  • Psychological support

Explore more datasets available on the Tuscan Open Data Portal.

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